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The future

Who is Dedeukwu

Dedeukwu, formerly known as Spunky Black, is a rapper and creative director. Born in Aba, a commercial city in Abia state, south East of Nigeria

He started writing demos while serving as a backup artist to the late Malaki A.K.A Blakilla,classic hip hop producer. He also worked with the likes of Uncle Ben of Africa, Baby Boy ( Item Okpi ), Zeak of songs, Xhuman, Xralarge, Lyfstyle, E-Marshal, Master G, Nocasting and some other talented musicians that were breeding in Aba.

What we do

Curating African creatives collections,Metaverse/irl events, Fashion exhibitions

About Us
Curating African creatives collections, Metaverse/irl events, Fashion exhibitions and educating them about their experiences using the web3 tools.
10b Bashiru Olusesi Avenue, Lekki Lagos
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