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First musicNFTS MIXTAPE: vol. 1


Join us today for the JAMSQUAD MUSICNFTs MIXTAPE vol.1 listening party

The first musicnfts mixtape by Everblazing Deejay G1 of JAMSQUAD comprise of songs minted on the blockchain in various marketplaces: featuring: 

-Kaffibaddesting feat Acapodx & Futwax & Micko Migra


-The tune feat. Mubzy & BoyChula 


-Wiz Prince

-Only1bizzy feat Kat fly 


-Sammie feat Billy


-Dedeukwu feat Symbolik, Pesos Beatery, Jahzone, Jcb, Maxwell Bruno, Trashlight, Gentle, Paul Crans, Licious crackit, JCB, Chiznel, CTRL.

-Boy Akanii feat Tjyoungy.

  This blockchain Mixtape comprises of thirty curated tracks. These songs are from various talented artists from across the globe. The aim of this musicNFTs Mixtape is to highlight the Iconic African sounds living on the blockchain. In history, it is regarded as the number one and the start of a new era. We pledge on this partnership that is just about to be announced officially, to keep giving you the first and best of web3 curated experience; bringing creators to limelight, bridging the gaps between creativity and heritage. Through music.



A collective set of multi-instrumentalists. A band that is changing the narratives; teamed by Lipzay, Fresh, and the blazingDeejay G1 shifting the narrative of natural music on remixes while joining forces with Dedeukwushryne to transmit natural African music to the metaverse from the hub in Lagos state, Nigeria.

With this Mixtape, we are set and still building a community that will bridge the phygital gap of what experience should be in this era of technology. There are so much to come, to empower and highlight creators. But yes! we’re such very optimistic to do more. We are optimistic to transcend and transmit real life natural African music to the metaverse for the enjoyable pleasure of our wonderful listeners. 

This MusicNfts Mixtape will be airdropped to all respective artistes, all members of the Dedeukwushryne ( community, and all members of the AFTR DAO ( community who will be listening during the AFTR radio listening party this Thursday 4pm WAT/11am EST.

DON’T MISS IT! This Thursday radio show is scheduled to be on the 27th of April 2023: THE RELEASE OF THE FIRST MUSICNFT’s MIXTAPE. Which will be minted on ( with splits to the respective artists on the exclusive musicNFTs marketplace built on the NEAR blockchain. We are sure to have the mixtape released on web3 streaming platforms like:, and will also be uploaded to the Dedeukwushryne Youtube in the future. 

But, Yeah! Feel free to cop yourself this MUSICNFTs MIXTAPE when it drops. Support the movement, read more about us and keep your eyes on the loop for more to come from the partnership between the Dedeukwushryne x Jamsquad.

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