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The latest release by leading Nigerian Audio NFT artist Dedeukwu is set to drop February
10th, 2023. The track is titled Ihemcho and will be available on traditional streaming
platforms as well as Web3 marketplaces as an Audio NFT.
As a Co-Founder of the C1 Foundation, the ‘people’s champ’ of Crypto Culture in West
Africa shows no signs of slowing down. His campaign to #onboard1millionafricans has
taken him on a tour of grade schools across West Africa where he speaks with students
about the importance of financial freedom through blockchain technology.
The literal translation of Ihemcho is ‘what I want’ and as such the track touches on the
importance of choice and the ability to make sound decisions. Produced by C-Sol aka
Peso Pesado out of Toronto Canada, this high energy, uptempo track combines Afrobeat,
Hip Hop, Soul and Funk. The track will be available with unlockables dropping exclusively
on Rarible via Manifold.
Check out Dedeukwu’s music at by clicking on the ‘Discover My
Sound’ page. Follow @pesosbeatery for updates.

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