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Introducing DedeukwuShryne DAO: Promoting African Creativity and Heritage Through Web3 Technology

A DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that functions as a community in which every member has an equal voice in voting and making decisions.

DedeukwuShryne is a multi-DAO community dedicated to using Web3 technology to bridge the gap between creativity and heritage. Our mission entails curating African creatives, collections, metaverses, and real-life events such as fashion exhibitions. Through our efforts, we aim to educate these creatives on their experiences using Web3 tools and educational strategy such as shryne vodcasts, game hub, live band and annual residency program of seven creators from the seven tribes of Africa.

Our Mission

The mission of DedeukwuShryne is to curate African creative collections, metaverses and real-life events, including fashion exhibitions. By using Web3 tools in education through vodcasts and annual residency of seven creators from the seven tribes of Africa, we hope to inform these creatives about their experiences using the blockchain.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to create Africa’s most significant curator hub, dedicated to educating new members via membership NFT cards and tours, enabling collectors to own a share of the contents and projects and earn royalties as they stream. We are confident that we can achieve this through partnerships and synergies with like-minded brands while also transforming Dedeukwu into a live band musician for the phygital era of Web3.

Partnerships and Councils

DedeukwuShryne enjoys partnerships with various entities, including:

AFROFUTURE ( AFTR ) RADIO: ( AFTR radio w/ reespect ) A weekly web3 centric Twitter space that holds every Thursday 4pm-5pm WAT curating interviews, vibes, and synergies from artists, communities and builders powered by $AFTR  AFROFUTURE DAO.

WALKWITHGODSORIGINAL: Dedicated to producing our handmade collectibles,craft and tattoo project.

PRAVIN GROUP: Focused on negotiation and curating business engagements.

1HANDSHERIF: Focused on art and fashion curation.

NFTEMPO: ( NFTempo x Dedeukwushryne ) NFTempo is a music NFT marketplace and tokenised royalties marketplace built on XRPL chain partnering with Dedeukwu for a musicNFTs release and one of the platform’s curated artists to test the platform before they launch.

JAMSQUAD: ( Jamsquad live  ) A set of multi-instrumentalists Lipzay, Fresh and the everblazing Dj G1 shifting the narrative of natural music on remixes while joining forces with Dedeukwushryne to transmit natural African music to the metaverse from the hub.   

C1 GUILD: A community of artists helping artists that currently focus on phygital classes and onboarding traditional NGOs into web3, blockchain through irl education and NFTs collection co founded and curated by Dedeukwu registered on Aug, 2022 in the corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria RC: 185318. Merged with the Dedeukwushryne on their non-profit studio focused on audioNFTs and projector hub for educational and onboarding purposes.

Dedeukwushryne DAO operates with four councils: Gattraps from the United States of America, Earnest Etim from Akwa Ibom State, Legal Alien aka Kelvin Akorogie from Lagos State, and Dedeukwu Igwe from Abia State, Nigeria.

The DAO Membership Card

The Dedeukwushryne DAO Membership Card provides numerous benefits to its holders. Firstly, it enables decision-making participation in the DAO. The card also grants unlimited access to the Gamestate stadium, one month access to the Shryne Hub Studio, and automatic membership to the Astro DAO. Holders are also eligible for event project grants to promote culture during live events and receive a 30% discount on gear rental for a week. Additionally, holders can build as curators and earn within the DAO. The membership also incentivizes engagement and voting, as members receive points based on their level of participation. By utilizing web3 technology, the Dedeukwushryne DAO is bridging the gap between creativity and heritage, and the membership card serves as an excellent tool for members to benefit from this innovative platform.

Our Community IRL hub

To access activities, we are working to establish a tier system with the community where Tier 1-3 unlocks a 30-10% discount for collectors or members purchasing our products, using the hub games and facilities, event tickets on a monthly basis. Currently, we have an off-chain community that aims to tokenize the hub, enabling collectors and builders to have access to equipment and games. Our community hub project  includes a live band, snooker, a rooftop bar and barbecue grill spot, and an open bar where we will also have a table tennis game, all tokenized because we have the permanent space for such and the vision is clear.

Voting Mechanisms

Our DAO voting mechanism is built on Astro DAO ( Dedeukwushryne DAO ) built on NEAR (  NEAR Blockchain ) our primary blockchain. To ensure effective voting mechanisms for transparency and decentralization, we are focused on building off-chain as we add members who resonate with our vision by joining the DAO Telegram group ( Telegram group  ). We will guide them to create a wallet with security tips then add them to Astro DAO as members, guaranteeing them the right to vote using the activated ( e.g dedeukwu.near ) NEAR wallet.

Partnerships with Other DAOs and Marketplaces

The DedeukwuShryne community maintains partnerships with the Afrofuture DAO, and our presence is felt on the Afrofuture Radio Shows, which airs every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. West African Time. We also have a collaboration with NFTempo, whose marketplace is built on the XRPL chain, and we look forward to the project launching, dropping a few musicNFTs from the kitchen once they go live. We also have the Musicfeast drop, a musicNFT Dedeukwu featuring ChizyJ Prod. by Marshalmuze, M&M by JCB titled:  COLD WORLD ( Musicfeast x Dedeukwushryne ); Everyone Eats Entertainment founded by JCB, Blake Hardin, Dion Primo. A new musicNFTs marketplace built on the NEAR Blockchain with fiat integration and utility tiers.

We are currently working on curating an exhibition in Abuja under the  new C1 Guild partnership with NFTYTRIBE  ( THE NEXT 100x ). We will be highlighting our community artists through dedicated PR, exhibition and panel discussion by C1 powered by NEAR and we are extending the platform to other creators to join in and exhibit your project with us via the exhibitor’s  link below  exhibitors form .


DedeukwuShryne is a decentralized autonomous organization committed to promoting African creativity and heritage through the use of Web3 technology. With a mission to curate African creatives, collections, and events, we strive to educate and empower our members through residency programs and partnerships with various entities. Our ultimate goal is to become Africa’s most significant curator hub, where members can own a share of the content and earn royalties. We are confident in our ability to achieve this goal while transforming Dedeukwu  into a live band musician for the digital era of Web3. With our tier system and voting mechanisms, we aim to ensure simplicity and clarity for our community while unlocking new opportunities for growth and collaboration. Through our partnerships with other DAOs and marketplaces, we look forward to expanding our reach and promoting African creativity on a global scale.


  • Quento.near
    Posted April 20, 2023 at 4:21 am

    So realistic, I’m spurred onward by your experience always.

  • Purpledot
    Posted April 21, 2023 at 7:13 am

    I’m super stoked to learn more about what the DedeukwuShryne is unto and their incredible work building. More strength to carry on, you have come to do awesome things for you generation and more of awesome things you’re doing shall thrive.
    Warm regards

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