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As we splash our waves across the globe, Week Two brings us to the Mother Land where we’re about to put you on to a collaboration between two really dope Nigerian artists. Meet Dedeukwu & SterryO🇳🇬


Beginning his Metaverse journey just over a year ago, Dedeukwu dropped one of his first projects through DAOrecords and was an early member of NxM before branching out to help found CTRL and C1, our community partner this week. With shows in the Cryptovoxels & Somnium Space under his belt we’re really excited to have him unleash some lyrical flow for SoundSplash!

The AfroStar

No stranger to success, multi-platinum record producer, engineer and artiste Sterry0 provides the soundtrack for Put It On Me. Having recently founded the AfroStar Guild, helping onboard new artists and talents into the Web3 space it’s no surprise he comes correct on all fronts as a beacon in the ecosystem.

Community Partner: C1
We’re super happy to have C1 on board with us as Community Partner for Week Two of SoundSplash!

“What started as a collaboration track under DAO Records and the NxM guild, quickly shifted gears when learning of each other’s passion for philanthropy and community. A group of artists wanting to help other artists.”

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